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The Cabinet Resource Group supports responsible use of our wilderness in the best interest of our citizens today and in the future.

  • We respect the laws of the State of Montana and the United States of America that pertain to environmental issues.

  • We oversee corporate, government, and private interests’ proposals to guarantee the integrity of our environment.


  • We believe in responsible use and development of our wilderness.

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Current Board


Jim Nash

Kim Matthews

Rob Kjos

Cesar Hernandez

Colleen Hinds

Bill Martin

Kathi Slora

Colleen Hinds - 2022 - Present

Jim Nash - 2017

Cesar Hernandez2014

Bill Martin2013

Ernie Scherzer - 2012

Howard Bakke2009

Cesar Hernandez - 2008

Bill Martin2004

Cal Ryder - 2002

Bob Zimmerman 2001

Headlamp Award
Headlamp Award Winners

The Headlamp Award belongs to the individual(s) who support our organization with energy effort, enthusiasm and precious time to preserve our wilderness for future generations

Jim Williams (MT Fish & Wildlife)
Mary Costello
Avista Corp.

Dave Hadden (Headwaters MT)
Kari Harker 
Mindy & Doug Ferrell

Trish Gannon

Cesar Hernandez

Judy Hutchins

Cal & Irene Ryder

Robyn King

Debbie Lyman

Bill Martin

Diane Mosely
Morlene Plouzek
Jim Posewitz

Joel Sather
Lou Springer

Guest Speakers

CRG wishes to thank the following individuals and organizations that support our mission

Andrew Kraus - Wildlife Photographer
Bryan Baxter - Tracker & Wildlife Biologist

Doug ChadwickAuthor, Wildlife Biologist & Photographer

Gloria Flora - Founder, Sustainable Obtainable Solutions

Phil HoughInveterate Marathon Hiker

Jim JensenDir., MT Environmental Information Center

Gayle JoslinBoard Member, Orion: The Hunters’ Institute

Katherine Kendall - Biologist, Northern Grizzly Bear Project

Erich Peitsch Avalanche Expert, Glacier Melting Researcher

Jim Posewitz - Dir. Cinnabar Foundation

Dr. Steve Running - Nobel Lauriat, Global Warming

Greg TollefsonFreelance Writer

Jon Turk - Author, Explorer

Joel Sather - USFS Cabinet Trails Supervisior

Jeff Smith - Co-Chair, Missoula

We need your help to enforce Montana's Bad Actors law! 

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