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Our Areas of Concentration

Habitat issues in the Cabinet Mountains, the Yaak region, the Clark Fork drainage in western Montana and the Lake Pend Oreille area in Idaho.


For over a third of a century, the Cabinet Resource Group has worked to protect our natural resources through education and action.  Some of the endeavors have been long, some have been trying, but CRG has always been in the forefront to do what is best for the Cabinets, the Yaak, the Clark Fork drainage and Lake Pend Orielle.

CRG insists that the laws of this state and nation be followed as they relate to environment of our areas of concern.  We oppose nothing that is legal and scientifically sound.  We cannot accept degradation of the environment now nor for future generations.

We must remain watchdogs to prevent laxity and poor science being undertaken in our areas of concern.

We do not deny any organization or group its concerns about natural resources in these areas.  But we stand strong in our belief that the needs of all must be met.  We believe reasonable people can reach arrangements that provide fair use by all groups and provision for various types of use and development.  

Ernest Scherzer, CRG President


Brief History of CRG

Cabinet Resource Group (CRG) was formed in 1976 when people concerned with the fate of the Kootenai River, the Scotchman's Peak proposed wilderness, the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness, and the Yaak Valley came together to advocate for protection of these natural resources. Since then, members of CRG have participated in countless struggles to preserve wild places and promote sensible management of our National Forest Lands.

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