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About Us

Cabinet Resource Group is a northwest Montana grassroots environmental organization started in 1976. We are located in the Kootenai National Forest near the pristine Cabinet Wilderness Area with very little development. Our primary focus has been preventing a dam at Kootenai Falls followed by battling the now closed Troy mine and proposed Rock Creek mine in Noxon. We have also sponsored local youth camps, hikes, and educational events. Read more about our complete history here


  • Cabinet Mountains

  • Clark Fork River

  • Kootenai River

  • Yakk River

  • Clark Fork River drainage to Lake Pend Orielle in Idaho

Preserving pristine, undeveloped areas of public lands
Restoring and maintaining the integrity of our rivers, lakes, and wetlands
Caring for habitat that ensures healthy populations of all species
Supporting sustainable yield while retaining diversity
Promoting sustainable economic development while encouraging harmony with natural resources
Improving and maintaining the quality of our air
Disseminating information, educating the public on resource issues, and facilitating public input into local decision making processes
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P.O. Box 238  Heron, Montana 59844